Born 1987

Bucharest  , Romania

Genres Techno, House, DUB

Record Producer 

Labels Esemtrax

Roots and Wings MusicEnough MusicCardinal Vinyls

Soundcloud  Plusculaar
Website Plusculaar

Plusculaar was born in Romania and got in touch with music and the clubscene at a young age


When he entered a club with his brother for the first time, he was suddenly impressed by it's atmosphere and already knew that music would be playing a big role in his life.

He was looking for a reflection of himself in the music and after more nights spent in clubs with stunnung sets and deep moments, he felt that he had to learn playing to impress hiself.

After a while he could already feel happy about having success in Amsterdam and Romania, playing DJ-Sets with Pack Osuna and Florian Meindl. These experiences showed him, that it all just had begun and that there was more to come. To impress his own spirit better, he started to produce music, and releases on vinyl Labels like Enough Music, Cardinal, Fluegel & Inwave followed.

In 2014 Plusculaar founded his very own label Binaural Arts , with tracks of artists he was impressed by.

The music speaks for itself. One thing is sure, there is more to come and to expect by Plusculaar: his way just started and he is ready for this ride. 

Musical genres[edit]Edit

Techno, House - DUB


Selected discography[edit]Edit

Plusculaar Releases